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Saturday began with Tony and his team doing the final removal of the roof and Windows/door frames. By all accounts, it was an extremely hot day and the temperatures made the long working hours very challenging.

The afternoon brought the sight that many of us were dreading as the team moved on to the actual demolition of the walls of the former JDH. As suspected, the old and run-down bricks fell rather easily and didn’t put up much of a fight, crumbling when challenged by the drills and hammers.

As Day 2 drew to an end, the former home to 44 children was very much looking like a ‘ruin’, just a few more hours away from total disappearance.

I spoke to Emily and Happy from Mlisada this evening and they report that everyone there is very happy with the work that Tony (on behalf of Chellaston) is doing and that everyone on the site is well and safe.

I will report back from Day 3- the final day of demolition work before the site is readied for the summer project to begin.

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