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The final brick of the former John Dickens House was knocked down at around 2pm Uganda time today. As we predicted, the old soil bricks of the great house didn’t hold up much resistance to the team of demolition workers.

All that is now left of our former special home is a pile of rubble, waiting to be cleared away tomorrow.

We now look to Team 2016 to build a magnificent replacement structure which will complete this wonderful orphanage for good. It will be bigger and better than what was there and will last long into the future.

They are weird photos with a huge space of emptiness and a lot of lost memories. However, look at the room the kids now have to play in and look at the might of the Sapphire and Matoke Buildings that tower over the property. It’s exciting to think that they will be joined by a brand new building in just three months.

This is very much the beginning of a new era for Mlisada and we just can’t wait to get started.

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