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It’s fun to run as Chello goes Charity Crazy! (6/6/2016) - The annual Chello Mile was launched by Mrs Dow this week for Years 7,8,9 and 10. The event, to be held on June 15th, will involve over 1,000 people running a mile around the field in fancy dress to raise money for the school charity in Uganda. Students have been given sponsorship forms and the […]
Raising the roof! (6/5/2016) - With a month to go, the Roof was put on to the new construction at Chellaston’s latest building project in Uganda!
Mirinda Team Outing (6/2/2016) - The Uganda 2016 Team carried on their team building ahead of the big trip with a social at ‘Bounce’ today. With just 35 days left until departure day, every opportunity for team building is crucial!
May 31st – Uganda Site Update (5/31/2016) - After a brief break, the work has begun again on site with the cement all dry. The roof is now being constructed and, having spoken to Tony today, it appears that it is all going without a hitch at present. The weather looks lovely over there (my weather app said it was thundering all day […]
May 21st – Uganda Site Update (5/21/2016) - Here are the latest photos of the construction of the new Mirinda Team project at the John Dickens’ House. The next phase will be the addition of the roof. We are still on ‘Race Night Money’, quite unbelievable how much can be done with it. Lovely seeing the Year 13 Matokes all dressed up yesterday, […]
May 11th – Uganda Site Update (5/11/2016) - So, the foundations have reached MATOKE LEVEL. As you can see, the second floor of the new building now has foundations and is attached to the MATOKE BALCONY on the other side. This really gives an impression of how we will link to the work of last year’s team to create the finished building. We […]
Uganda Students speak at Melbourne Church (4/25/2016) - For the 9th year in a row, the Chellaston Uganda team visited Melbourne Parish Church and spoke to the congregation about the work they are doing to prepare for this year’s project in Kampala. Six of the Year 12 Team (Ollie James, Ben Walker, Laura Simpson, Max Lowson, Beth Madden and Dan Solecki) joined Mr […]
April 18th – Uganda Site Update (4/18/2016) - Just hours after Jason, the two Bens and myself made our final decision on the site plan for this year, after careful consultation with Emily at Mlisada  (Thursday am), the builders moved on to site and began carrying out the instructions. In what is an extraordinary series of photos, you can see the progress already […]
JDH Demolition – It’s all over (3/20/2016) - The final brick of the former John Dickens House was knocked down at around 2pm Uganda time today. As we predicted, the old soil bricks of the great house didn’t hold up much resistance to the team of demolition workers. All that is now left of our former special home is a pile of rubble, […]
JDH Demolition – Day 2 Photos and Update (3/19/2016) - Saturday began with Tony and his team doing the final removal of the roof and Windows/door frames. By all accounts, it was an extremely hot day and the temperatures made the long working hours very challenging. The afternoon brought the sight that many of us were dreading as the team moved on to the actual […]

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