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The 2015 Chello Mile was held over two very warm days in June. Over 1,300 students, all getting sponsored £5 each, ran around the school field for over a mile each and really got into the spirit of the occasion. Some of the students managed to run over 6 miles which was incredible. Students were allowed to dress up in Fancy Dress and there was a vast array of costumes, ranging from Pirates to Disney characters, Where’s Wally to Minions.

In the days after, the Chello students showed their generosity with each year group breaking a Chello Mile record. Year 7 raised over £4,000, something we have never seen before. In Year 11, there was one girl (Simran Johal) who managed to raised £1,000 herself, the most ever raised by one person for a charity event in school.

You can see pictures from the 2015 Chello Mile below.

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