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Other PurpleEach year, Chellaston Run a Race Night fundraising event for supporters of the project. This Charity Gala Evening is our chance to thank supporters for their generosity and loyalty and the opportunity to show them what we have done with their money. Not only does Mr Karran speak to them about the plans for the year ahead but the Year 13 team from the previous year return to give a presentation of their trip.

The evening is always full of fun, emotion and camaraderie. May the horse be with you!

Proper LogoNotes from the 2016 Race Night

Good evening and Welcome to the 10th Annual Race Night,

In 2006, when John and myself first thought of the idea to take Chellaston students to Uganda, I don’t think either of us imagined that the trip would have grown in the way that it has. There is no doubt that a project of this nature could only exist in a school like this, where parents and other members of the community take so much interest in the life of the local school.

As always, every penny we raise this year will go out to Africa where it will be used to fund the final phase of our construction project in Kampala. This July, the two-storey extension to the John Dickens’ Home will provide vital resources to enable the orphanage to work as a sustainable model. Whilst building administration rooms, laundry rooms and social areas may not seem as ‘fulfilling’ as building a dormitory, it is equally as vital to our friends in Uganda who are making an incredible effort at being a fully-functioning and self-sufficient organisation. Having gone from living on the streets when we found them in 2006, they now own and run the house themselves- an amazing journey in just 10 years.

As we celebrate a decade of Race Nights and the subsequent projects that followed each one of them, I would like to take this time to thank every student who has travelled with us to Uganda and sacrificed their time for the children of Kampala. We have managed to construct two purpose-built orphanages from scratch as well as creating a primary school that serves one of Uganda’s poorest slums. Our work has led to other organisations attaching themselves to our project, with the promise that they will use their money to take it forward in the years to come, on an even bigger and better scale.

The final word has to be to my staff, who have loyally followed my dream over the past 10 years. Their commitment and dedication to the cause has been enormous, giving up hours and hours for the good of the homeless children of Africa. The influence they have had on the lives of over 230 Chellaston students cannot be underestimated and I know that the school is proud of every single one of them.

Tonight is a night of celebration. I hope that you cheer as loud as you can for your horses and really enjoy the party.

The past decade has been the ride of a life-time, thank you for all of your support and loyalty.

May the horse be with you.

Richard Karran
Leader of the Chellaston Uganda Project

Race Night 2016 Preparation Week

Pictures from the 2016 Race Night

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