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Project plans 2016

The Mlisada Children’s Home (formerly called the John Dickens’ Home).

The 2016 team will complete Chellaston’s 10 year project at the Mlisada Children’s Home. Bought in 2008 for £15,000, this home has been renovated twice and is now coming to the end of a complete reconstruction. The need for constant rebuilding has been down the success of the organisation who have used it and their desire to save as many children as possible from a live of destitution and poverty. Over the last two years, brand new dormitories have been built for the girls and the boys (2 each) along with a purpose built kitchen, a staff quarter, a medical room and a library.  So many kind people from around the world have contributed to the equipment in these rooms, none more so than two friends from Derby,  Rob McDonald (Manor Pharmacy) and Gordon McQuilton (Specialised Orthotic Services).

This July, we will concentrate on the administrative side of the organisation, as Mlisada continues it’s determined mission to become a self-sufficient Children’s Centre. The Admin Block will also house special craft rooms, child protection rooms and wash facilities.

At the end of this year, it is forseen that Chellaston will end construction work in Uganda, but there is still the intention to visit Uganda and see our friends there on a regular basis.





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