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The Mydel McQuilton Academy is an Orphanage and Primary School, all built by Chellaston Academy students between 2010 and 2013. In partnership with a local Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), the plan was conceived by Mr Karran in 2009 and the building was then purchased with Race Night and Chello Mile money in the following April.

Separate teams travelled out to build the property in four phases, the first being a renovation phase of the existing Main House (2010), the second being the construction of the girls’ dormitory (2011), the third being the addition of two large boys’ dormitories (2012) and the final stage being the construction of four classrooms and a second tier to the property in 2013.

The whole project has cost £105,000, of which two-thirds was raised by the community in Chellaston. A further investment of £15,000 was added by Gordon McQuilton, a local businessman and friend of the project. His name was added to the property (against his wishes!!) at the opening of the Primary School on August 3rd 2013.

The property is already self-sufficient and houses 44 children, educating around 80. As part of the land-purchase agreement, non-resident children from the local community are allowed to come to the school for free to improve their literacy levels.

Please find 4 galleries below showing how the MYDEL Academy has changed over the years:





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